Peruvian Organic Raw Cacao Liquor (250g)

250 g

Raw Living's Peruvian cacao liquor is guaranteed truly raw. We have partnered with a pioneering Peruvian cooperative using unique manufacturing processes to ensure that our cacao is exceptional quality, produced at measured low temperatures, with high regard for the environment and the farmers.

Virtually all cacao products on the market which claim to be raw are made from the raw bean, but in the process of pressing them into the paste or liquor, they become heated. Ours is more crumbly than you may be used to, and the flavour is slightly more bitter. If you care about your foods being actually raw, as we do, then you will appreciate the difference in our product. 

Cacao liquor is made by pressing the whole cacao bean and heating it at very low temperatures until it forms a paste. This is the stage before it's separated into cacao butter and cacao powder; the whole, unrefined raw bean.

All beans are carefully selected, then washed, disinfected, air-dried, de-husked, pulverized, ground, pressed, molded and tested for heavy metals before packing. 

Cacao liquor makes an extraordinarily chocolate product because you don't have to add a lot of extra fats to it as you would if you were making raw chocolate with cacao nibs or powder. For an intense chocolate experience, just gently melt your cacao liquor and add your sweeteners and other foods of choice, to taste.

Raw Living's cacao liquor is always tested for heavy metals before packing.

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