What is raw chocolate?

raw cacao beans

Raw chocolate is a delectable, organic treat which is made by allowing the cacao beans to dry naturally, so that they retain all of their nutritional goodness. It’s filled to the brim with health-boosting antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and protein (so the perfect pre-gym snack) and tastes rich, creamy and totally indulgent.

Who is raw chocolate for?

Everyone! Whether you are a discerning gourmet with a distinguished palate, a superfood-eating health-conscious consumer with a sweet tooth, lactose intolerant, a lover of dark chocolate, a gym-junkie, a vegan, a child or a baker of chocolate cakes, raw chocolate is for everyone. It’s not designed for a particular group or to satisfy specific dietary requirements; it’s simply a great product which is natural and undergoes minimal processing. It can be enjoyed by all.

As raw chocolate is new to some people, we thought we’d explain a little more about what it is and how it’s made, so that when you take the first bite of that freshly unwrapped bar, you’ll know just how special that chocolate really is!

What actually is cacao?

Lots of people get confused over cacao and cocoa. Cacao is the name of the bean from which the chocolate is made – the raw form. Cocoa is a product made from the dried, ground cacao beans after the cacao butter has been pressed out of it. So, cacao is the bean; cocoa is formed from the beans when they’ve been dried and pressed.

The beans grow in pods on trees in hot climates - often Peru or Ecuador. Both countries are known as producers of exceptionally high-quality cacao. Which leads us to…

How is raw chocolate made?

The beans are harvested and placed in wooden boxes so that the fleshy white pulp which surrounds the beans can ferment naturally, enhancing the flavour. After that, the beans are spread out in the glorious sunshine to dry, a step which can take a few days, but keeps all that goodness in. Once the beans have been sufficiently dehydrated, the husks are removed to collect the cacao nibs, which are ground into a liquid paste. Cacao butter helps thin out the paste, which is then refined further, grinding it into a smooth-like velvety texture which can be poured into moulds and set, ready for you to enjoy.  

raw chocolate squares 

What other ingredients are used?

Raw chocolate manufacturers consider their product a health food, so aim to only use the healthiest ingredients. With that in mind, you’ll probably see the use of coconut sugar and agave syrup for sweeteners; real fruit, not flavourings and a range of other organic goodies. This really is guilt-free indulgence!

That’s raw chocolate: a natural, healthy and delicious treat. Next time you get that craving for something sweet, why not browse our products and try one of the bars, snacks or truffles – you won’t look back!