Coconut Oil - Extra Virgin Raw and Organic (500g)

500 g

Our coconut oil is the first cold-pressing of virgin, organically grown coconuts. Some other coconut oils use the second, third, and even fourth pressings for their product. No external heat sources are used in the extraction process, there is no refining, and no other chemicals are used. The land and manufacturing plant is certified at source by SKAL in the Philippines. This coconut oil is also made by producers that do not use monkeys to pick the coconuts. 

It is 100% fat, which breaks down as:

93% saturated
5% monounsaturated
2% polyunsaturated

Saturated fats are an important food group, and on a vegan diet the only sources of saturated fat are coconut and cacao. Coconut is the only plant source of lauric acid, which is an essential fatty acid found in breastmilk.

Note: Coconut butter is a different product, it is made from the meat. This product is just the oil. If you're looking for Stoneground Coconut Butter, we recommend our own, of course!

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