Chocolate and smoothies - a match made in heaven!

Posted on September 27, 2016 by Chloe Menage

chocolate smoothies

Smoothies are wonderful at any time of day. They make a delicious and nutritious breakfast, are perfect for those on the move and they fill the pre-lunch hole as the ideal midmorning snack. The sweeter varieties will even fit as dessert.

Instagram is full of healthy and colourful smoothie recipes, packed with fresh fruit, veg and more. No longer do smoothies need to be drunk through a straw either; after all, that’s where smoothie bowls come in. And as for the bizarre ‘freakshakes’ that are taking the foodie world by storm – we say bring on the double chocolate!

In this blog we’ve rounded up the very best smoothies from around the web, and all them have one thing in common: raw chocolate! Whether you’re sprinkling in some cacao or going the whole hog with crumbled-up bars of your favourite vegan treat, you’re sure to get your quality chocolate fix.

National Milk Chocolate Day Smoothie


This decadent smoothie-milkshake hybrid can be created with plant or dairy milk and includes delicious Ombar raw chocolate for the scrumptious topping. The chia, cashews and dates make up the smoothie part of this surprisingly not-so-naughty treat. Get the full recipe from the Clean Supper Club.

Blueberry Smoothies


MariLydia’s Instagram feed is packed full of inspirational and colourful smoothies, and is definitely worth a follow. We adore these two scrummy looking berry jam jars that include plant-based quark ‘cheese’, berries and raw chocolate. There’s also a mint and banana smoothie that looks just as tempting.

Chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie


This smoothie is perfectly simple, combining three of the best flavours ever: chocolate, peanut and banana. What’s more, there’s a quirky story behind the recipe, as delivered by blogger Demeter, so be sure to read before you get started. If you’re following a fully raw diet, why not substitute peanut butter for activated chocolate almond spread? You’ll benefit from double the chocolatey, almondy goodness.

Chocolate Almond Smoothie

An ideal breakfast smoothie, this recipe from Megan at skinnyfitlicious uses minimal ingredients and can be altered to suit your tastes. The plain Greek yogurt is easily replaced with a plant-based alternative and oats mean you’ll get a slow release of energy throughout the morning. The finished smoothie can be topped with raw cacao nibs, coconut, berries, or anything you like really! If you’re trying to be good, it’s a great one to choose as it’s low in sugar and contains just 203 calories.

Hot fudge thick-shake



Sweet potato – yes, you read that correctly – is one of the various delicious ingredients that go into this hot fudge thick-shake from recipe developer Talisa. It’s blended with coconut milk, pitted dates and peanut butter, before being topped with chunks of chocolate, sweet potato and peanut butter fudge (you read that right, too!).

You can find even more decadent smoothie and freak-shake recipes here, and if you’re still looking for smoothie inspiration, be sure to check out the following:

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